That’s MISTER Crack To You

If there’s one commodity we don’t talk about enough on The Consumerist, it’s Erythroxylum coca. This was brought squarely to our attention after Bucky told us about a white van circulating the streets of Harlem, promoting crack.

Mr. Crack.

Bobby Paige has a message of love and hope, communicated through the black words on the side which say things like, “Drugs support terrorists” and “You smoke crack you will be homeless.”

It’s all part of a well-constructed PR campaign to promote his new book, “Mr. Crack,” which you can read all about on his website located at

We heart NYC, so very much.

Mr. Crack Tells Most of NYC It’s Al Qaeda” [ANIMAL]


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  1. RandomHookup says:

    This seems a bit too subtle. Perhaps they should check out a Chick Tract or two for inspiration on how to scare the homies into going straight:

  2. radiofree says:

    And for some reason, this truck parks at night on Riverside Drive in the 80s (which shows that if you don’t smoke crack, you can have a nice home?).

  3. ltflux says:

    Mr. Crack, that’s my name, that name again is Mr. Crack.

  4. Greyseeker says:

    And driving a big, honking, gas-guzzling van that uses oil mainly from the little regimes in the Middle East that fund or are home to terrorist training schools isn’t….?

  5. Scott says:

    The content on their site is proof enough that crack has a lingering effect on the brain:

    “TO OUR LEADERS OF TOMORROW: The right and left side of the brain are divided by blood. The left side of the brain is for calculation. It comes alive for Mr. Crack and it feeds Mr. Crack.

    “The right side of the brain is for ideational. When the right die of the brain goes dead, you will see a person looking down to the ground looking for a rock.”