Martini… Shaken, Not Laced With Drain-O

Hello Lawsuit! A couple of drunken floozies and a friend were hospitalized for liquified organs and geysering gore out of their mouths after accidentally sucking down a couple of peach martinis… laced with cleaning powder instead of sugar.

I’ve never had a peach martini, but apparently, the rims get dipped in sugar instead of salt. Instead, the rims were dipped into caustic cleaning powder. The police detective on the case then proceeded to indulge in the understatement of the century by describing it as a ‘breakdown of communication.’

One of the floozies was hospitalized and is currently in intensive care: she began spitting up blood and her tongue started to peel. The friend found that his lips, palate and tongue were burned but cured himself with the home remedy of some milk gargling. The last floozy pointed to her tongue and exclaimed, “I have no taste at all!”

Lady, we know… peach martinis, for god’s sake?

Tainted drinks injure trio [The State]


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  1. konstantConsumer says:

    that’s why i skip most steps and go straight to the rubbing alcohol. it’s cheap, and it gets the job done.

  2. Having been a bartender, I would suggest never having salt or sugar on a rim when out and about.

    Not all bartenders clean the salt/sugar wells all the time, and I have seen some skanky wells that must be home to all kinds of bacteria and pathogens.

    Especially if they use lime as the moistener.

  3. misskaz says:

    A couple of girls had a couple of drinks at a club. I’m pretty sure that doesn’t make them “drunken floozies.” Even if they did have peach martinis.

  4. konstantConsumer says:

    whatever, you drunken floozie.