Plastic Cockroaches Advertise For Own Xenocide

Don’t squish that cockroach! It might be a thousand dollar ad campaign!

Master Communicacao, a Brazilian ad agency, is painting slogans on the backs of plastic cockroaches and slipping the vermin under peoples’ doors. The message tattooed on their abdomens? “See how easy it is to get into your house? D.D. Drin. Insect Elimination.”

Clever, but why not just go whole hog, break into people’s houses and dump a basket of fake cockroaches on people while they sleep?

Roachvertising [Museum of Hoaxes]


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  1. mark duffy says:

    fucking brilliant.

  2. Jesse in Japan says:

    Believe me, I have tried that breaking into the house and pouring cockroaches on people thing and it is not a good idea. Then again, maybe if you did just use plastic cockroaches it would turn out alright.

  3. Naw, if you’re going to go whole hog, really go whole hog: dump real cockroaches in the house along with a note explaining that from now on, protection money will be required to keep the creatures from infesting.

    Mafia style.

  4. ckilgore says:

    I have a serious phobia of cockroaches. I am ok with spiders, snakes and just about any other creepy crawly thing, but cockroaches just make me manic. I can barely look at this page. So, if someone shoved that under my door, not only would I never use their product, I would probably give them the hospital bill that would result from me passing out and wacking my head on the floor after seeing a cockroach that big in my house.

  5. Aph says:

    I think someone should fake a complaint just like christy’s and see how they react. maybe without threatning for the money part. and write it in… you know… fu*kin Brazilian

  6. Ben Popken says:

    Paula writes:

    “just read the post about the cockroaches, and now I’m really scared. See, I live in São Paulo, Brazil, and this company (D.D. Drin) does business here. And I too am roach-a-phobic, so finding one of these would cause me to freak out bigtime! I just don’t know how they would slip them under doors, since most houses whose owners could afford insect elimination have really high fences or walls, alarms, doormen and the like.

    @Aph: FYI, we speak Portuguese here.”