HOWTO: Join The Cingular Lawsuit

If you were an AT&T customer as of October 26, 2004 and, following the switchover to Cingular

• had to pay an early termination fee
• an $18 upgrade fee
• buy a new plan
• buy a new phone
• or experienced degraded service and coverage

You may be eligible to join a class-action lawsuit against the wireless provider.

Find out how, after the jump…

To join the lawsuit, fill out the form at Consumer Watchdog here. You should also send an email to one of the two firms representing consumer plaintiffs, Cotchett Pitre Simon & McCarthy and Stritmatter, Kessler, Whelan, Withey and Coluccio.

It would also be good to familiarize yourself with the case’s factsheet and even peruse a copy of the lawsuit.

Bruce Simon of CPS&M says, “The response has already been enormous and we are taking everyone’s information at the moment for follow up in the future.”

Consumer Watchdog’s site says the next move is that Cingular will probably try get the case dismissed because the customers signed an “arbitration agreement” upon signup voiding their right to go to court. However, the representatives for the plaintiffs feel this agreement is unenforceable

You can also sign up for Consumer Watchdog’s legal updates at the top right of their site and keep abreast as the lawsuit develops.

The most important step has already been taken, though, in the creation of a catchy logo to represent Cingular’s nefariousness.

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  1. thesilentnight says:

    Fucking thank you a hundred times over. I’ve already been contacted and I will be following up with details as they become available …

  2. salehdidit says:

    When I was with ATT i had a feature whereby I could put my account/number on “hold” were I to, say, leave the country for a month or two. A few months ago I called Cingular to activate this feature, and they said they “no longer provided that service”, and that the contract had been changed (without my approval or any notice).

    Can I be part of the lawsuit? :)

  3. msmali006 says:

    I’m upset and want to join as soon as possible. I was one of the many former AT&T customers that were forced to pay exorbitant ‘upgrade’ fees and new subscription prices. I cancelled my service and moved to Verizon. It has been about three months now, and Cingular is now claiming that I did not pay the cancellation fee. They are trying to screw their former customers any way they can. I have to jump on this lawsuit.

  4. woolleyworld says:

    I want to join this calls action agasint Cingular Wireless. I was forced to change over from my AT&T plan to a lesser Cinguler plan with higher costs!

  5. ornrianjel says:

    my husband is an over the road truck driver–we had cingular for almost 2 years–they cancelled our service as we were not profitable–they did let us out of our contract and paid for our new phones–but now we are paying more and cannot use our phones and I have to admit cingular has great phones. barb

  6. crazys_89 says:

    I received a bill for an unlimited wireless card that was about $1000 more than it should have been, so I immediately called them on it and they were
    “checking” on it and were going to call me back, I called them two more times before someone told me that it was their mistake and it would be adjusted soon, it has been 3 months and the bill is $5900 and now they are saying the credit department has denied the request to adjust the bill, can I sue them for this?