Direct Revenue Can Suck Us, Then A Shotgun

The English language is far more impotent in the expression of hate than the simple act of inserting a glass catheter up a man’s urethra and then slapping him in the crotch with a length of rubber hose. But we trust that comparison alone will make it clear how much we hate scummy spyware company Direct Revenue.

Referring to their customers as “trailer trash” and their EULA as a “lawyer-writ license to kill”, Direct Revenue has infected a hundred million computers over the last four years. How much did they make for spurting ads all over your desktop? $100 million over the last four years. Hours of your inconvenience and frustration, not to mention hundreds of your dollars in PC repair costs, are worth exactly a buck to these jackals.

The tide’s turning against them now, as the state of New York levels has filed suit against them and even Direct Revenue’s advertisers leave in droves — deliciously enough, usually after a top client gets their home PC infected with Direct Revenue spyware.

MSNBC has a long history of the company up, though, and their gloating lack of repentance is enough to make you wish the State of New York could just summarily execute all employees.

Spyware developers net huge profits, outrage [MSNBC]

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