CCA Gives Interest-Free Credit, Steals $400

There’s just nothing better than ripping open that fat envelope that slid through your mail slot and finding a shiny interest free credit card with a $10,000 limit on it waiting for you. How’d it get there? Such questions are for the gods. Better get spending before the bank realizes the mistake.

Yes, that’s the thought process of an idiot. But Las Vegas Capital Credit Alliance makes its bread and butter off the overly credulous thought processes of idiots. They send out ‘free’, no interested credit cards to random people. But the cards are only good to purchase items on CCA’s website.

Worse yet, merely activating the card will cost you over $400 in fees. Where are these fees disclosed? Imprinted upon a single micron somewhere within 7 pages of legalese.

Vegas business makes fat money from fine print [SFGate] (Thanks, Andre!)

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