Reader Informs Us That FedEx Continues To Be A Bunch Of Jerks

What spontaneous wormholes open up beneath the packages at the FedEx head office, blinking them briefly out of existence only to regurgitate them again a month after they were due to deliver?

We may never really know. But it seems to happen an awful lot, and when that happens, FedEx is quick to issue phlegmy hems and wheezy haws, then point the finger soundly in the direction of some incompetence besides their own.

The delightfully alliterative Gaelen G. wrote us about a piece of jewelry that went missing from FedEx’s diligent care recently. FedEx made it about as difficult as possible for her to get resolution, until finally, random chance in a godless universe put her in contact with the one person at the FedEx office who actually wanted to help her, putting the rest of the organization’s unhelpfulness in sharp relief.

The email, after the jump.

I thought you might be interested in a recent FedEx experience I had.

I ordered a ring from a jewelery artist in Canada. I noticed it still hadn’t arrived, and checked the FedEx tracking website. It listed it as having gone out to the wrong address, come back, then again went “out for delivery” on June 6. It was June 22 when I checked.

I called to find out what was going on and was told they didn’t know where my package was. I verified the address and found that they had left my name off as addresse, so it was addressed only to the name of my office (which has over 100 people in it). The shipper had addressed it correctly, as this was reflected on the package tracking website. I tried to correct this mistake, but they insisted only the shipper could call and correct it. Didn’t matter much anyway, since the package had never been delivered. I alerted our mailroom.

So where was the package, after all? They couldn’t tell me and said they would call me back “within 48 hours.” They never called.

The shipper felt badly and sent out a replacement. In the meantime, more than a month after it was sent, the first package arrived. Then the replacement arrived.

I brought the replacement to the FedEx office downstairs, unopened, and explained the situation, and told them I just wanted it returned to sender. The clerk was extremely rude and kept insisting that I had to either pay for the return trip or give them the shipper’s billing number (“I don’t have that.” “Well then you just have to call them.”).

I asked to talk to the manager, for which I got a lot of attitude. Then, a miracle:

I repeated the whole story to the manager. I explained again that I just wanted to turn the duplicate shipment around back to the sender. Her response? “Sure.” And she took it out of my hands.

Whether it actually arrives back at the shipper — I’ll have to wait and see….


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  1. kerry says:

    My local FedEx station has this really spectacular habit of putting my packages on the truck, and then driving by my house without stopping. They then report to the system that I was unavailable. This has happened multiple times. Now I always pick my packages up (luckily they’re only a short bus trip away). The last time they just cruised by without stopping, I called and was told they’d turn around and actually deliver it. They didn’t. Then I was told it would be put on a truck in the afternoon. When that didn’t happen, either, I went to Fed Ex and was told there was no “afternoon truck.” Gee, thanks guys. F*ck FedEx.

  2. TedSez says:

    Sorry, but if my experience with FedEx is any indication, this guy is still screwed. I had to send an overnight package to a company that had agreed to pay for it on their account, but it was too late in the day (their time) to obtain their FedEx number. I called FedEx customer service to ask what to do, and was told just to check the box that said “Paid by recipient,” and that the delivery guy would get the company’s account number.

    Well, I guess he never did, because I started getting billed for the package myself. (I never gave them any payment information, so they just use what I wrote in as my return address.) I called them several times in an attempt to get them to bill the right party, which they had said they would do in the first place. Instead of doing that, though, they sent my account to a collection agency, which continues to harass me for the money. (I also sent the collection agency a letter disputing the charge, which they’ve ignored.)

    I’ve thought of just paying the SOBs the $27 just to protect my credit rating, but at this point I’m too angry about the whole thing to give them the satisfaction. Meanwhile, they’ve lost me as a customer till about a week after hell freezes over.