Pith & Vinegar

• Statistics show customers love when businesses find new and inventive ways to dupe them. [9news] “Five-second ads try to counter TiVo”
• This fucking smiley-face trademark story won’t go away so here’s your one and only link to it. Frown. [NYT] “Smiley Face Is Serious to Company”
• Three days of delays on the Chicago Metra commuter train after soap found on rails. Jeez, wait times aren’t even that long when they discover people on the tracks. [CT] “Metra apologizes for rush-hour soaper”
• Mac Skankbooks flourish like yellowish spores in a warm and moist environment. [CNet] “Some MacBooks have premature age spots”
• USAToday retracts report that telcos turned over customer records to NSA. Sort of. [USAToday]


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  1. Pssssst... says:

    As for the 9news piece on 5 second ads on Tivo, they are way off. Tivo has a patent on their fast forwarding that compensates for the delay of pressing the play button too late. It brings it back 3 or so seconds, probably the best feature on Tivo. This pretty much eliminates any 5 second ad from being inserted…they obviously have little faith in the public’s smarts and what lengths we will go to to avoid annoying commercials.