Paramount Tramples Blogger For Bumblebee Compliance

So we know that companies tend to stamp down hard on emerging technologies they don’t understand. That pisses us off plenty. But dammit, we really get our dander up when they start stamping down on fans they don’t understand.

John over at the Movie Blog recently posted a picture of Bumblebee from the upcoming Transformers live-action movie. It’s to be directed by Michael Bay, so you can be sure that it will be execrable. Never the less, John happily posted the picture, giving Paramount some small amount of free publicity.

But they weren’t happy about that, so they asked him to remove it. John did. But Paramount decided to have his entire internet site shut down anyway.

After 1800 diggs tore Paramount a painful orifice oozing bad publicity, Paramount relented, got the blog back up and called John to apologize. But exactly when are companies going to start cluing in on the power of Word of Mouth?

An Angry Open Letter to Paramount

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