In Search of Smoking Guns

Is the corporation leaving you soulless? Has the company lost its way and needs some public attention to set it straight? Or are you simply possessed by a seething anger and need to lash out at the closest object, once succor, now shipwreck? Any of these and more are really great reasons to send us luscious source documents from your place of employ.

Is it risky? Sure, but anything worth doing isn’t without dangers. If your company found out, they could conceivably ruin your life. Luckily, we’re publishing the materials, not you, which comes in handy for those pesky cease and desists and cries of libel and defamation (which, incidentally make for great blog fodder as well). We’ll go to court to protect our sources who want protection, , a better guarantee than some outlets will give you these days…. Whether profound or profane, debilitating or inane, we’re interested. Stand up for the little guy. Stick it to the man, even if you are the man. Sit on the stool and coo, pigeon, coo with all the gusto and moxie you can muster. The tip line is always open so drop us one.

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