How Many Clicks Does It Take to Get To The Center of an Airplane?

Or, which airline has the least suckiest website? Jaunted, “The Pop Culture Travel Guide,” did a site scramble to find out.

High marks were given for sites that clearly marked the lowest fare, like Continental and Delta. If the site seemed to be merely an answer to, “What’s the easiest way for us to port our legacy backend system to the internet,” it was duly damned, as United was.

Best Overall? Delta. Worst? US Airways.

Read more at Jaunted.

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  1. Omni Consumer Products says:

    As much as Southwest’s website looks circa 1997, it’s still my favorite to use. It’s simple and it seems as though they actually WANT you to find the lowest fare. For each flight, they show you every fare level, including the ones you could have gotten but are no longer available. I don’t think any other airline site reveals that much fare information. They also have a calendar view where you can see what dates during the whole month have the lowest fares for a particular route. That’s a feature you can usually only get on third party sites like Travelocity.