Divorce from the Crypt

You may be old and impotent. Your belly might hang over your pants like an engorged, hairy sack. But you gots the moneys, which means you gots the wimmins. Just remember to divorce your trophy bride before she puts that pick through your brain, because the alternative — signing divorce papers entombed within the cold, oblivious earth — is more trouble than its worth.

Case in point: Dr. John Yelenic was slain at his home on April 13th, 2006 in the midst of divorce proceedings. He didn’t leave a will, which means that his prospective ex-wife gets all his assets. And his children are having a bugger of a time getting the mouldering coot’s hand to wrap around a pen without breaking off.

The solution to the problem is to either study Hoodoo or keep your will up to date. Preferably the latter — updating your will is what cocktail napkins are for.

Divorce After Death a Real Possibility [Consumer Affairs]

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