Lisa from Comcast Sparkles!

Lisa the Comcast CSR rocks. Hey, we don’t doubt it, despite the terrible company to which she is umbilically affixed. Girls named Lisa tend to rock. But this time, Lisa doesn’t merely rock by dint of her party-girl name, but by saving one of our readers a few bucks when he needs it most.

The Amazing Reader T. is a college student: this means all of his money goes to keggers and spontaneous purchases of marijuana paraphernalia from Hot topic. Every year, he leaves his apartment to go home; every year, he decides it is cheaper to cancel his Comcast service for the three months and pay the reconnection fees when he comes back the following year. Except this year, Lisa from Comcast somehow figured out how to make staying with the service cheaper than reconnecting him… and offering him a dirt cheap Internet rate for an entire year.

We, cynics, can’t help but wonder if Lisa’s amazing customer service is a zealous response to the recent anti-Comcast backlash that took the internet by storm. None the less, one of our readers is happy, which makes us happy. T’s email after the jump.

The evil empire that is Comcast just done good by me and I feel obligated to let you guys know.

I’m a college student who spends the 3 summer months away from the place where I pay for cable and internet. Last summer when I called to cancel my cable tv and cable modem the Comcast CSR gave me the doom and gloom story about the reactivation fees I would have to pay when my summer of love was over. When I told her I would like to cancel anyway (I did the math) she more or less said, “Good luck with all /that/” and released me to the wolves with derision.

This year I had the pleasure of speaking with Lisa the CSR when I called Comcast for my summer cancellation. I’ll be out of town for a little less time this year than last so I was considering just downgrading to the bare minimum services rather than canceling and paying the reactivation fees. Lisa said she could bring my cable bill down to $18 from $86 for the summer months but that the internet isn’t really downgradable and would stay at $45.95 if I wanted to leave it on for the summer. I made a little sound of disappointment which was to precede cancellation of the internet for the summer and payment of $99 in reactivation fees in September, when Lisa told me to hold on while she looked into other options. She came back on the line with this: she would lower my internet costs to $19.95 while I was out for the summer, lowering my total Comcast bill to below $40. Not only that though, Lisa told me that the $19.95 fee for the internet would stay in effect for a whole year, cutting my internet bill by 60% in one fell swoop. I proceeded to worship Lisa the CSR verbally while she wished me a great summer in a voice that could only have been created with a smiling face.

Lisa in ’06!