Best Buy: “Oh Yeah, Tetris Breaks All The Time.”

Here at Gawker Tower (actually, a giant disused school bus turned vertically that was used by local teens for sex parties until the smell got too bad), we really love the circle jerk. So it was nice when our geeky, mouth-breathing colleagues over at Kotaku took time out of their busy schedule of writing about video games and wondering what it might be like to touch the soft mound of a woman’s breast while she was conscious to pass on a reader email, indicating a new protection plan scam from our buddies at Best Buy.

Phil H. writes:

    Today I bought Tetris DS at my local Best Buy, and they tried to sell me the 2-year protection plan or whatever it is. I refused the coverage, but I was surprised that it was offered. I’ve never received the protection spiel from a cashier when buying software… only hardware ( (I haven’t shopped at Best Buy in a while, so I have no idea if it s a recent development). After my refusal, the cashier tried to scare me by telling me “we get a lot of these things returned. I just want you to know that.” I’m mostly convinced that she was full of crap, but I’m just one DS owner… I’ve been playing video games for more than 25 years, and I don’t think I’ve ever had a cartridge or disc go bad on me. I had been led to believe that Flash memory is more durable than the old GBA cartridges.

So now Best Buy is pressuring customers to buy 2 year protection plans on $30 games? And games based on flash media? I’ve seen Nintendo games propelled out of cannons that still worked after you blew into the cartridge slot a few times.

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