AOL Updates Retention “Offer Matrix”

Another gemstone that tumbled out of the AOL retention coal mine after Vinny’s call is this update to the ominously monikered, “Offer Matrix.” That’s apparently the sequence of goodies doled out to customers to dissuade them from stopping service. Take the red prophylactic, Neo.

The upshot is that as of June 23, ten days after Vincent’s call hit the net, AOL ordered its retention specialists to only make TWO offers during a cancellation call. If a member says no to both, the account must be canceled. What a nice idea, a policy against having protracted arguments with your customers.

Nestled amongst the ultimatums is this line:

If members…are trying to provoke the Consultant into being unprofessional, immediately cancel the account.

As a matter of conjecture, this would seem to reveal that there’s some in the AOL retention hierarchy who suffer under the misbegotten notion that Vincent somehow goaded John into acting like a jerk. Wow, they STILL don’t get it. See you in the welfare check line, fellas.

Also, what’s up with the capital C in Consultants and M in Members. What are we now, managing a cult?!

Smoking gun, after the jump…

New Cancel Intent Offer Sequence
To clarify recent changes to the offer matrix, we are issuing a new cancel intent offer sequence to ensure the most streamlined call process and best member experience possible. Starting June 23, 2006, the offer sequence outlined below MUST be used for ALL cancel intent calls. When a member calls in to cancel an AOL account, you are to ONLY pitch the member two (2) offers. If the member declines both offers, then you must cancel the member’s account.

Keep in mind with this offer sequence:
You are allowed to offer additional options if the member proactively asks.
Exercise common sense. If members are irate, use strong language, interrupt offer pitch to say they’re not interested, or are trying to provoke the Consultant into being unprofessional, immediately cancel the account.
Credit cannot bbe given to members already on or being put on a commit PI.
Remember to uphold the Keep It Real standards and be true Member Advocates!

How the New Offer Sequence Helps You
With the new streamlined offer sequence you are now able to pitch an offer more tailored to the member’s needs – faster. This ensures a better member experience while also reducing your talk time.
For example, with the combination of the AOL Advantage messaging with the PI pitch, you are able to directly show the value of AOL with the PI that best fits the member’s needs.

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