Hooray, Hipsters! The Smart Car Is Coming!

Perhaps more resembling the foot of Voltron (the vehicle one, not the lions) than an actual car, I love the Smart. It can zoom right into the space between two SUVs nearly touching bumpers. It’s designed by Swatch, a company best known for making cheap plastic watches. And you can actually switch lanes on a freeway by driving under the carriage of a passing semi-trailer.

Unfortunately, up to now, it’s only been available to Euroweenies. But good news! It’s coming to the States by 2008, to become the next vehicular craze of America’s vast armada of environmentally-friendly hipsters.

There’s other cool things you can do to a Smart besides drive it. For example, it can be propelled into the air by affixing the low end of a see-saw underneath the bumper and then having two of your friends jump on the other side. It’s perfect to stuff full of clowns. With the tires removed, it makes an excellent shoe for an extremely fat person. And so on.

Posted out of sheer enthusiasm!

It’s Official…The Smart Car Is Coming To The U.S. [Autochannel]