Office Max Ends Mail-in-Rebates

Starting this weekend, there will be no more purchases to be proofed, receipts to be scrounged from trashcan depths, or nail-biting as your bets fail on the misbegotten hope that your rebate check will arrive in time to keep your checks from bouncing. Starting this weekend, Office Max will end it’s mail-in-rebate program.

“Rebates were the No. 1 customer complaint we were getting,” said Ryan Vero, OfficeMax’s chief merchandising officer.

In the place of rebates, in-store discounts will be favored.

OfficeMax bids farewell to mail-in rebates” [CNet] (Thanks to jpacooney!)


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  1. Morton Fox says:

    That’s great! It’s just too bad they couldn’t make this change before closing all their stores in my area.

  2. AcidReign says:

    …..Excellent. But I mainly hit Office Max for paper, printer cartridges (they have cheap HP substitutes), or office supplies.

  3. rick020200 says:

    I hope more stores follow suit. Consumers hate rebates. Its about time management figured out that the best way to keep customers is to no piss them off.