Nurse-In Planned at Victoria’s Secret

In protest of Victoria’s Secret employees acting like boobs, a national protest plans to whip out theirs.

Rebecca Cook of Wisconsin wanted to breast-feed her child in the store’s dressing room but when one wasn’t available, prepared to do so on the store floor. An employee asked her to leave.

“Cook said the store manager told her the employee probably thought the ‘sight of her breasts might offend a customer,’ ” reported the Citizen-Times.

A similar incident occurred in Massachusetts.

In retaliation, the two mothers have planned national nurse-ins at Victoria’s Secrets across the country. The goal, they say, is not to defame the lingerie seller but bring about public awareness of the right to breast-feed in public.

“I find it especially absurd that Victoria’s Secret of all places is freaking out about exposed breasts, since it’s pretty much what they sell,” said Tali Branco, 21, of North Asheville, mother of a 6-month-old. “You see more in their magazines and store windows than you do when a mother nurses.”

Corporate HQ said the incidents were unfortunate and against company policy.

This jaded reporter has but one thing to say:


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