Chrysler’s Final 0% Solution

There are absolutely no new ideas in advertising. In this latest proof, Chrysler rips off Volkswagen ripping off Mitsubishi by playing up the combustible engine’s ethnic heritage, in this case, as in VW’s, German. The campaign introduces Dr. Z as CEO and spokesmensch. To cries of “I can’t see any lederhosen,” Daimler replies, “Farfegcocca.”

Are soccer moms even a viable meme anymore? Apparently so.

Dr. Z will make you pee your pants, you fag-assed journalist.

Children gawk at Dr. Z’s Dirty Sanchez.


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  1. Yozzie says:

    “Zis Jeep Liberty Diesel gets 25 miles per gallon. Unfortunately, ve don’t make zem anymore, so ja, you could say zis ad is kind of a… Dodge – get it? Ha Ha. But here are some other big trucks you can get vis a big honkin’ V8 right now, kiddies. Wiedersen!”