Verizon To Loosen Grip on Fees, Balls

Saying goodbye need only be as proportionally painful as the depth of the relationship, Verizon Wireless announced Wednesday. Starting this fall, the termination fee charged on its two-year contracts will be pro-rated. This is a further goodwill gesture in addition to Verizon’s lower cancellation fee, $175 versus a standard $200 or even $250.

If you’re already on Verizon, tough noogies. The change only applies to new customers or for people who sign a new contract.

However, there is good news for extant Verizoners. You know how when you signed up you got that great phone for super cheap? And then when you lost or broke it or just felt like upgrading to a new one, it cost a warehouse full of money? Well, now existing subscribers will be able to get new phone at the same steep discounts that fresh customers get. It’s just like a virgin, for the very first time, again.

The news was announced by at an industry conference by Verizon CEO Denny Strigl, pictured above with singing sensation, Michael Bolton.

Verizon Wireless to ease up on fees” [AP via Insignificant Thoughts]


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  1. This is great news… I’m not a Verizon subscriber, but this can only mean that the other providers will soon follow suit. I have to give Verizon credit for this one… they have to know that Cingular/T-Mobile/Sprint will jump on this horse right away, so the only competitive advantage they get will be short lived…

  2. The_Truth says:

    I cancelled my Verizon cell phone a month ago, payed $175 (Fuckers) for the privilidge.

    But its all good, Verizon sucks ass, my phone bill for two phones, and minimal usage was hitting $150+, switching to Cingular has savewd me a bunch of money, plus I get to keep my minutes.

  3. jmac32here says:

    Intereting..they offerd this…but FAILED to deliver it to THE WESTERN USA.