RSS Fixed?

Tentative early-morning reports indicate that our much wonky RSS feed may be fixed. Is this true? Let us know by email or comments if it’s working for you or if there’s anything remaining needing tweakage.


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  1. Fenni Fentu says:

    I don’t a real RSS reader, only the Firefox live bookmark. When I click on a link, it doesn’t bring me to the main article (like it does in most Gawker articles) but rather brings me to the category that that post is in. For example, if I click on the Morning Deals, it brings me to the “/consumer/shopping” page. Not a huge deal, but just thought you’d like to know….

  2. Ben says:

    What was wrong with the RSS? (I read feeds in Opera)

    Can’t really tell if it’s fixed, I’ve been getting an RSS feed regularly.

  3. Ben Popken says:

    Thanks, Spr1dle, live bookmarklet now reported. Anyone notice anything else?

  4. desonos says:

    It is still broken, in the way Spridle said; I read with NewsGator, and when I click on a article it brings me to the catagory page. This one opened up to /consumer/announcements/

  5. I use Google Reader. Earlier this morning, it seemed as though the “after the jump” material was posting directly to the reader. Ordinarily, I have to click on the link to read past the jump, of course. Best example I found was from the UPS article this morning. Everything seems to be working fine now.

  6. mschlock says:

    Yay, “after the jump” is working!

    Boo, the links for each article still go to the category page with an anchor, instead of to each article’s individual page!

    Which means I had to click twice to get to this comments page. Like, twice!

    It’s taking me here:

    when I want to go here:

    I use the Sage plugin for Firefox.

  7. loudguitars says:

    I use NewsFire on a mac, and I’m getting the exact same good news/bad news combo as mschlock: Full posts show up, but links still don’t go to individual post pages. Definitely an improvement, though.

  8. Ben Popken says:

    Ok, the links to individual posts thing is reported. Which means it will be fixed sometime in the next two months…