Insurer Offers RIAA Lawsuit Protection

Are you a tired old granny who only uses the computer your daughter bought you once a week to buy groceries over Amazon and prowl around for action in #hotteengirls? A 14 year old who only uses it to get Wikipedia to write the occasional book report for you and find gullible men on MySpace to rob?

If so, as you know, the RIAA is looking to sue you. However, we saw over at Boing Boing this handy service being offered by a Swedish company willing to insure anyone against RIAA lawsuits for a low, low $19 a year.

As Cory Doctorow points out, this just might be legit: despite the best efforts of their crackerjack legal team, the RIAA is only managing to sue a mere thimbleful of the rolling ocean of innocent Internet users out there. Playing the odds, this is a possibly successful insurance model. Will a similar scheme be offered by American insurance agents soon?

P2P insurer will pay your fines if RIAA sues: $19/year! [Boing Boing]


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  1. HA! This reminds me of an insurance program for lead-footed drivers awhile back that paid your speeding tickets.

    I love the idea. Since all the RIAA/MPAA lawsuits are civil, not criminal, I don’t see anything wrong with it. It’s a little like E&O or malpractice insurance for the internet user! Brilliant! Not to mention that a centralized agency that handles all the lawsuits with attorney’s on retainer, instead of the individuals, would be much more efficient and take the advantage away from the RIAA/MPAA. I just can’t stop singing the praises of this idea!

  2. Aph says:

    asking myself, more frightening that i want this insurance, or that i want the RIAA’s attention to boot to complete the experiment.

  3. ModerateSnark says:

    As Cory Doctorow out, this just might be legit

    Did you just out Cory Doctorow?