Pith & Vinegar; Puddles of Cuddles

• Starting Wednesday, these guys WILL PAY YOU $50 for submitting a video review of a product. We should tell them all about the Oozinator. [ShopWiki]
• We would sell the Brooklyn Bridge more often but those seller fees are getting downright usurious. [Collage] “The 10 Weirdest Things Ever Sold On eBay”
• Telling you what we had for lunch today would violate national security interests. [ZDnet] “Supreme Court to review Bell conspiracy case”
• We would love to see the animal that produced the pink one. We would mate it with My Little Pony. [Copyranter] ” NYC Window Displays–Zamir Furs.”
• Maybe they just ate too much turkey and got tired. [USAToday] “FDA issues fewer safety, quality citations”