Tomorrow We Interview Vincent Ferrari

Late Tuesday evening, inside Gawker HQ, we’ll have the privilege of interviewing Vincent Ferrari, the famous AOL Canceller. Yes, that’s caps.

We expect to hear some interesting things, including how he was inspired to record his call by none other than the very blog you’re reading. When we called Vinny to set the interview up he said, “Hey! You’re my hero!” We responded, “No way, we can’t be your hero, because you’re ours!”

This should prove to be Vincent’s last interview on the subject, so we get the honor of doing the whole post-media-mortem, as well as playing bits that ARE TOO HOT FOR PRIME TIME.

What should we ask the fella?


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  1. Paul D says:

    I think the question on everybody’s mind is:

    boxers or briefs?

  2. Kornkob says:

    Specifics as to how he recorded the call would be an excellent question that might help other consumers protect themselves/expose crappy cuystomer service (and perhaps bring forth some good examples too– can’t forget to give some kudos to the guys doing it right).

  3. Madrid says:

    I’ve always wondered (and maybe he’ll know); how much chuck could a woodchuck suck if a woodchuck could suck chuck?

  4. ModerateSnark says:

    I suggested a few questions you could ask Vinny in the comments last time you mentioned you might interview him, so I’ll link to them here for handy reference.

  5. AcidReign says:

    …..I’d be curious what he’s going to use for email now that AOL has let him go and apologized. Outlook Express?

  6. RandomHookup says:

    Vincent, why in the world were you using AOL in the first place?

  7. moejuda says:

    Did you follow the story at all? He didn’t use AOL…the account was for his father, and even he hadn’t been using the account for some time.

  8. something_amazing says:

    on the spot questions:

    John walks up to Vincent in a back alley wielding a shotgun. (Think Artie confronting Tony Soprano). He’s pleading and crying and going “Why did you get me fired, man? I just wanted to help you!” What do you do?

    From Vincent’s perspective, does he feel that he’s contributed to what may be perhaps the final PR blow in AOL’s sordid history that may topple the giant?

    What kind of changes would he like to see implemented as a result of his call; Would he like to see retention followups removed entirely, or perhaps, remove the “retention bonus” that seems to push those types of callers?

    Where does Vincent suppose that the logged usage from his “dad” came from? Aren’t those numbes reported directly from AOL’s merlin system, not associated with AIM? Does he believe that John pulled it out of his ass?

    Vinny’s honest opinion: Is it possible to provide high quality customer service without charging an arm and a leg for the services that are being offered? (ie: Speakeasy, ISP)

    What could AOL do to remove the stigma of being such a poor quality company. Is there *anything* AOL could do?

  9. drsmith says:

    Kornkob, there are devices that are designed to be placed inline between the receiver and the phone to allow you to record a phone call. Either he was using one of those devices or he was using a voice over ip service with a call recording feature.

    Otherwise, I fail to see what’s so fascinating. Yes he had trouble closing his account, but it seems to me that it’s being blown far out of proportion. Slow news day, perhaps?