Further Musings On The Firing of Sleepy Comcast Tech

Brian’s Comcast Tech, fired. We already reported that, we know. But does anyone besides us feel bad for that poor sleepy tech?

After all, why was he fired? He was fired because, for him to do his job, a prerequisite was the ability to sit around on hold for 90 minutes.

Okay, that’s not the ideal time to count fluffy sheep hovering above the ivory pickets of a dreamtime fence. Granted. But we can’t be the only ones who can easily see how some poor, underpaid tech, forced to spend the vast majority of his day listening to saccharine muzak and the soothing tones of a robot thanking him for his patience, would eventually have zoomed right off to the land of nod.

Comcast (and Brian) seems to think that firing this guy and having a crack ninja Comcast team that only ever gets called out at times of PR crisis fix Brian’s service is a satisfactory solution. But hey, Comcast, you assholes! How about giving this poor slob his job back and, instead, making damn sure that on-field tech support can get through to corporate with speed and efficiency? And hell, while you’re at it, why not invest the millions required to make sure your customers can too?

Edit: Brian just wrote us, basically saying he’d always been against firing the guy, and has, in fact, desperately tried to get Comcast to see sense. Good for Brian! Sorry for the mistake; happily retracted.


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  1. Falconfire says:

    I got to agree, their techs are horrably overworked (12 hours tends to be a normal day for most) and the whole thing could have been avoided had Comcast actually ANSWERED THE GOD DAMN PHONE.

    I dont know about others but I too have gotten sleepy when being on hold for 1-2 hours. Its insane to expect people to wait more than 5 minutes IMHO. If anyone should have been fired it SHOULD have been the guys on the other end of the phone.

    Isnt it amazing though that if this where to happen and no one documented it with pictures on a website, this guy would still have a job, but because it was instead of comcast admitting thier fault and appologizing to the customer AND the tech, they fired him to cover it up as it was his fault not theirs.

  2. Hooray4Zoidberg says:

    You would think the techs would have a different line they could call on site rather than calling the same number that everyone else does. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure they call the same number you or I would if we had a problem with the service. I’ve had them get stuck on hold for 40 minutes at my house when all they needed was for someone at Comcast to reset a cable modem which takes all of 3 seconds. I can’t understand why their own employees and contractors would have to wait on hold with the same call centers as the customers.

    It’s funny that this guy fell asleep, but it really does suck that he lost his job. It’s not really his fault that Comcast’s procedures are so inefficient that he has to wait on hold for 90 minutes. Lets look at it this way, what else would he have been doing if he was awake? Usually calling Comcast is done after they have set everything up and they just need them to activate the line. It’s not like there are other things he could be doing at that point. He’d be sitting there on the phone waiting for Comcast either way, so does it really make a huge difference from a service standpoint and not a company image one, if he is away or asleep for those 90 minutes?

  3. Myron says:

    If this is like Time Warner Cable in NC, then the poor slob isn’t even an employee of the cable company. He’s a contractor who gets paid by the connection and has to supply his own transportation. These people don’t make much money, don’t get benefits, and are at the mercy of the cable company.

  4. Ran Kailie says:

    RCN had this same problem, I always felt bad for the guys in the field when I worked cable modem support. Our queue was always huge, and techs in the field didn’t get any special number to call that would route them past everyone else.

    I actually had one guy on the other end who’d fallen asleep waiting on hold for support for over an hour.

    Sounds a lot like Comcast is pushing the blame elsewhere, poor business ethic for them. I feel bad for the guy, hopefully he finds work elsewhere making better money.