Things we Dugg But Were Afraid to Speak Of

• Secret Scientology documents. We think we’re going to stop talking about them as there’s nothing new, a zero-sum game of patent ridiculousness….”Here’s a new thing we found they made up!”
• Although, they did manage to shut down this grad student’s website and make it point to theirs after he put up YouTube of them surveillancing him when he taped their headquarters. Pre-doc, everyone’s a pussy. Afterwards, tough as the nails you’re pounding into the roof tile.
• You can add these tones to your phone message and it may disrupt some of the telemarketers’ autodialers and get them to automatically remove you. That’s assuming they’re in fact using technology and not just pens and paper, as some actual telemarketers in the comments note. Try it, but you may only end up disrupting your ability to effectively communicate with friends and family.
• 50% of tech companies surveyed experienced data theft in the past year, with a third resulting in moolah loss. But how does this compare to previous years? The article doesn’t say, because it secretly hates you.
• AOL Refuses to Cancel Service for Deceased Woman. Oh wait, that’s our story.
• Q Magazine invented a fake band and promoted them on Myspace and “Hope Against Hope” ended up getting all sorts of crazy invites for gigs. This was to prove a point, mainly that people have no taste and flock together. It’s called culture. Good night.