Beware Used Media Fleet Cars

As Jalopnik learned this weekend at Chrysler’s Proving Grounds, don’t buy a lemon that’s been sucked on by a reporter. As they romped and frolicked through Michigan backwoods, one thing was for certain, that the other journalists were grinding their cars into dust.

These cars, known as “media fleet,” then often wind up at auction. Reputable fleet resellers, many of which can be found at, will tell you how and for what purpose a seller used the car.

Recently, however, people are selling these cars on eBay. For cars you don’t get to see in front of you, always, as ever, buy from a reputable seller. Insist on a guarantee. If you’re simply looking for a car and not the bargain offered by one of these decidedly used vehicles, beware listings with the words media, fleet or VIP. All are potentially bad news for the unaware.

“Hey Kids, Don’t Buy Used Media Fleet Cars” [Jalopnik]


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  1. Paul D says:

    The same is true for motorcycles.

    Most motorcycle manufacturers have a press fleet that gets abused too.

  2. AirSix says:

    As an auto journo, I can give a big endorsement to this idea. Many of us treat cars very roughly.

    And the companies don’t make it any better; I know of one sports coupe, totaled during a review drive, that was patched up and later sold by the manufacturer. Be particularly chary of single-brand auctions, especially where all the cars have 8,000 to 10,000 miles. That’s when they get pulled out of the fleets.