Sidekick Return From Thief, After Mass Internet Shaming

All it took was the force of thousands of people around the world shaming them, and a trip to the police station, but a girl has finally been reunited with her stolen Sidekick.

Evan Guttman (pictured) had a friend Ivanna lose her Sidekick in a taxi, they were shocked to go online find pictures and IMs of the device’s new owner. Their attempts at asking the teenage girl to return the unit were met with dismissal, so he put up a website with the pictures, IM’s, Myspace links, etc, to shame the bastards.

Finally, after a mass shaming effort from around the internet and the world, the device is being returned to its rightful owner.

More successful than the web page, however, was a trip to the police station where his friend filed a police report which lead to the 16 year old girl’s arrest and police confiscation of the Sidekick.

Gee, sometimes there are more effective solutions than complaining online. Fortunately for all, the climax coincides with the release of the new Sidekick 3.

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