230 Days Of Sony BMG Support

Greg over at Perfect Porridge is one of the guys who bought a rootkit-infected album from Sony BMG. He’s one of the guys who qualifies for free replacement albums and a small cash settlement for the trouble he’s gone through trying to get Sony’s sneaky piece of malware off his computer.

But his trouble didn’t end there, and Greg’s been chronicling his attempt to get a resolution from Sony for the last two hundred and thirty one days over his blog.

It’s long, but filled with obnoxious quotes from Sony reps like:

    Please do not generalize.


    I’m sorry that you felt I was being unresponsive to your missive, and appreciate your attempt to “train” me on proper customer service..

Ha. Well, if Greg won’t, who else would have the patience to, Sony? Job’s been dead a damn long time.

Sony BMG DRM Rootkit Spyware Album Settlement Still Unsettled [Perfect Porridge]

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