Consumerist on G4’s ‘Attack of The Show’ Tonight

We will be a talking head on G4’s Attack of the show tonight, Tuesday, June 20th. We will be talking about viral marketing. The two other floating noggins will be an unnamed Wired editor (they’re interchangeable, apparently) and Jordan Weisman, Chief Creative Executive of 42 Entertainment, a firm credited with creating the “I Love Bees” alternative reality game for Microsoft. No Douglas Coupland. He’s reportedly hanging out with some Belgiums who build entire religions out of Legos.

Our talking points (this is from an email we received):

• Is stealth/viral marketing deceptive?
• Should the consumer know when they’re being advertised to?
• Should consumers be annoyed when they find out that a cool new game/video/website is actually an ad for a product?
• What are some bad stealth marketing campaigns you’ve seen and do they do more harm than good?
• Is it getting harder for companies to advertise their products? Can consumers spot a viral ad/campaign a mile away? Do viral/stealth marketing campaigns still work?

What do you think? Give voice in the comments, maybe you’ll put words in our mouth.

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