American Airlines: A Big Bucket of Suck

Somehow sensing that things were not going to go well, a Livejournaler by the name of Ovid liveblogged his travails in trying to go from JFK to the emerald isles. His travels are undercut by American Airlines’ inability to change a tire, which causes a chain reaction of unfortunate events not unlike a butterfly flapping its wings in Tokyo and causing global warming.

“It’s been confirmed that I will miss my flight to Dublin, but the attendant assures me that I will be rebooked. In the meantime, we’re being fed turkey sandwiches and muffins — at five and two dollars respectively,” he writes.

He also takes out time to mention a book he’s reading, We wish to inform you that tomorrow we will be killed with our families about Rwanda’s civil warm. It’s a nice break from the action, provides perspective that there are more important things than getting stuck on an airplane, namely genocide.

Read the rest of the screed here.