Ogling the Complainosphere

• As always in a divorce, it’s the unborn children who get hurt the most. “Amazon And Toys R Us Fight, Make Babies Cry” [Clampants]
• It only takes three trips to the stacks but finally, man gets laptop at an undeservedly low price. “Best Buy lives up to its name” [Paxoo]
• Volkswagen likes to sponsor concerts by wives of convicted war criminals, and no, we’re not just talking Hitler’s Youth Army Dance Party this time. GENOCIDE! LIVE! AND IN CONCERT! Will the Jetta’s superior side-crash safety rating protect us from the pangs of conscience? [Report from a concert by a Serbian war-criminal]


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  1. TedSez says:

    Was it really an “undeservedly low price”?

    When stores repeatedly place items under a price marker that makes them appear to cost less than they actually do, you have to wonder whether it’s really an accident. And when a customer chooses to buy an item based on one apparent price but ends up paying more, he’s being cheated.

    So in my opinion, it’s right that Best Buy has a policy in which they charge the posted price rather than the “actual” price (at least to customers who notice and complain about the discrepancy). And it’s right that they enforce it.

  2. Sir Winston Thriller says:

    So if I put a Macintosh in the DVD section, I can get it for $19.99? Sheesh. Face it, you ripped off Best Buy and you’re bragging about it. Sounds like you either put the pad there or someone else put it back on a shelf–any shelf–and left.

  3. Morgan says:

    The story was clear: the policy is only when there are multiple mishelved items. There was more than one of those pads on the shelf, so it was Best Buy mishevling or mislabling items. That one was Best Buy’s fault, not the customer’s.