San Fran Kills SUV Limos With Hills

This is what happens when you take a stretch SUV limo through the hills and dales of San Francisco.

Your gas guzzler bottoms out. It’s bottom grinds and gets stuck on the hill. Proof that San Fran actually has structural defenses to debilitate encroachment by machines which don’t run on the most efficient fuel of all: Love.

Whether the people in front are trying to help the limo get ungrounded, or prevent its further advance, is subject to interpretation.

Taken in front of Goat Hill Pizza at 18th and Connecticut, in Potrero Hill.

Somehow, we think the beast gets less sympathy than if they found a whale similarly stranded near the Golden Gate Bridge. Which, when you think about it, is really racist.

Beached SUV Limo” [Traveling Tiger via Stay Free!]

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