Pornographers Vs. Pirates!

Ah, hard core pornographers! Those brave pioneers, fearlessly treading the bloody shores of cannibal isles wherein every bay lurks a pirate cove! Is there anything they can’t do?

Business Week has posted an interesting article on how pornographers are working to evolve their business model to deal with piracy. Unlike Hollywood, the porn industry isn’t trying to petition politicians to enact laws that will protect their obsolete business strategies.

Instead, pornography is pioneering many of the same techniques that will eventually be stolen wholesale by Hollywood to save their industry. They are stressing content that can be modified by the user: DVDs with adjustable content and the like. Similarly, they have been making very successful forays into downloadable content, sharing revenues from online sales with DVD distributors in order to smooth ruffled feathers.

It’s an interesting read, primarily because it stresses the unlikely strength of the porn industry: because they are outcasts from mainstream media, entertainment and politics, they are forced to come up with even more innovative means to protect (and therefore evolve) their business.

The Pornographers vs. The Pirates [Business Week]

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