Poisoned Minds Summarizes The CSR

Caged in a tiny cubicle, communicating with the world through a string and tin can threaded through the wall, alternately wonderful or petulant… the CSR is the mascot of the Consumerist. We love them: where would a snarky and irreverent consumer affairs blog be without the tender caresses of their love or their enraging penchant for incompetence and jackassery?

Yet much as we love them, recent stories about CSRs really help season the poignancy of this Poisoned Mind web comic, acutely describing the modern day consumer’s interactions with the corporate CSR. If only they were all number 3! Actually, we take it back… that sweet, nice lady on the other end of the line is very lovely to deal with, despite her impotence, but not nearly as much fun to write about.

CSR Webcomic at Poisoned Minds (Thanks, Morgan!)

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