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When you name your flyer and business card print shop “Overnightprints” there’s a certain standard that you need to live up to. Namely, that you ship overnight, a limbo bar that Overnightprints.com just can’t help hitting with its three-boobed chest.

Bobby placed his initial order for 2 sets of 250 business cards on Friday, May 18th. He should have received his full order on Monday, instead, he received a partial fulfillment on Wednesday. Skip through a few more inattentive CSR’s, reprints showing up with a big green line through them, and finally, almost a month later, he gets a polite email from customer service asking him if he wants to do the reprint now, as they seem to be ready to actually perform the services they offer. Burn.

Disco inferno, after the jump…

In a previous life, when we thought we could save the world through the transformative power of electroclash and cheap drinks, we’ve had good experiences printing through NextDayFlyers.com and Jakprints.com. Nextday is neat because they can put this spiffy sheen on the paper that prevents them from degrading in the sunlight.

Bobby’s angry letter, here.

While amusing, we must offer a critique. At the top of the letter he should place his note affirming his desire to get the reprints shipped, “on a bolt of lightning.” After that, put the scathing condemnation. Their CSR may be evil and inept, but that’s all the more reason to make it a little easier for them. The primary goal is always to make the transaction a success. Cathartic vengeance should always be secondary. Success is its own reward.


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  1. Rick Dobbs says:

    Thank YOU! I was forced to use these guys a few time and was always surprised at how poorly they dealt with it. Their minimum order is the 250 cards and they should tell you something like “Because your order is not big enough for us to give a fuck about, it will not be done overnight.” At least it’d be honest.

    My favorite part is that when you send in the file for them to print off of that they will just substitute whatever font they choose if they don’t have the font you use.