Morning Deals Round Up

• Today’s Woot! is a Hitachi LCD Entertainment Projector for $575. Native resolution is 854 by 480 pixels—DVD resolution, more or less. Oh, and there’s a $100 mail-in rebate, too.

• Take an extra 20% off already-discounted DVD’s at DeepDiscountDVD with code: DVDTALK. Free shipping, no minimum purchase required.

• CompUSA is selling the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet for just $350 with free shipping. If you don’t know what that is you probably don’t need it, but it’s a good price if you do.

• We’re not quit sure why you’d need a dozen pairs of brightly-colored scissors—especially after the failure that was the after-school television series ‘Kidz Bris’—but if you want ’em, Brylane Home is selling them for $5, plus free shipping with code: BKSHIP3 [via DealNews]

• Jedi-haven has the Nintendo DS lite in stock (or so they imply). Using the 10% off your entire order link, you can get the price down to $117. [via BensBargains]

Highlights from Dealhack

Save up to 50% off During the Really Big Sale at

Series2 80-hour Dual-Tuner TiVo PVR only $80 at Amazon

Canon Digital Rebel XT Camera & Zoom Lens $599 at Dell Home

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  1. ModerateSnark says:

    I’ve used DeepDiscountDVD a lot… good prices, decent service.

    But this twice-annual sale puts a huge strain on them; they probably do 20 times their normal volume, so allow them a little extra time to ship stuff.

    20% discount is not good on pre-orders, but it is good on out-of-stock items if you are willing to wait as long as it may take for them to ship.

  2. ModerateSnark says:

    Oh, by the way, there are a lot of other codes that work during this sale, such as PRICESEARCH from, which I also use. So for the next sale in November, look into getting CONSUMERIST as a code, and you could get a piece of the action. (Or would that be a conflict of interest?)