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Bad news: We’re still broken.
Good news: We’re migrating to a new system that should fix everything.
Bad news: We’re not sure when.
Good news: It should be soon.
Bad news: Glitches may occur during the transition.
Good news: Chaos should be brief.

See this example post. X’s show what’s broken. The hand points to the safe link.

If you get a login screen at the bottom, login and click comment on this post again.

No comments are lost. If it’s not up there immediately, wait.

The bolded comments link is good if want to link to a post, too.

RSS user? Try us in a browser for now.

Many apologies for this. We’re just as frustrated. There’s been power outages, network crashes, and frantic techs at the server farm. Drop a line at if something’s not working right or you need any help.

UPDATE: 2:36 PM EST. We’re moving to the new system right now. Be prepared for strange things to blow up!

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