Travelocity Atrocity

Turns out the Travelocity Guarantee isn’t that. Think of it more as a courtesy statement of what you might expect to pay should Travelocity have all its shit together. This guy recorded a call he had with a Travelocity supervisor. He wanted them to honor the agreed-upon price. They didn’t.

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It’s unfortunate that it’s edited, would be interesting to hear the rest of the story.

Be sure to read the complainant’s original post to see the specific thrusts the supervisor is responding to.

Obviously he’s not completely in the right, it sounds like he’s asking for a complete free ride, but you have to admit there’s some semantic shenanigans on Travelocity’s side.

All You Ever Wanted To Know About the Travelocity “Guarantee” [] (Thanks to Mark!

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  1. TheBrianIsAstonishing says:

    I’ve worked seasonally with a travel company that does most of their business online for the past few years… guarantee or no, if we can’t provide what’s posted on the website and we aren’t covered by an ass-covering clause in the Terms and Conditions, we offer them alternative accomodations or a refund. Price increases are almost always covered in the T&C, because if we get hit by them, we can’t just eat the cost. Sounds like Travelocity was being reasonable… they screwed up, they got in touch, and they offered to make good. I think they should’ve offered him a full refund and probably did, but the guy probably bleeped that out to make himself look like the victim.