UPDATE: Hertz Hatin’ On The Boroughs Too

Hey, it’s not just me and Dollar Rent-A-Car that hates the Boroughs and everything their denizenship of loudmouthed bozos and doofus hipsters stands for. Hertz does too!

Higher rental rates for New York City residents may apply as

– for Queens residents rates are USD 15.00 per day higher
– for Bronx residents rates are USD 56.00 per day higher
– for Brooklyn residents rates are USD 34.00 per day higher

Upgrade Travel points out that this looks suspiciously like redlining, which is a nebulously legal form of racism. Since minorities tend to live in the same areas, discriminating by district can be an effective way to move against them, as long as you can’t be proven to be taking race into account. No doubt Hertz and Dollar Rent-A-Car have instituted this pricing scheme according to some study that shows residents of the Bronx are significantly more likely to trash their cars. But it certainly raises the bugbear of racism.

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