Unfortunately Placed Hotel.com Ad, Isn’t

There’s a clip going around showing a hotels.com ad right before ABC Tech Watch goes into a report about hotel.com users being at risk for credit card fraud. Ostensibly, hilarity ensues. However, the gaffe isn’t as egregious as one might think; the Tech Watch report actually ran the ad within the show, as shown by the tell-tale ABC logo superimposed on the bottom right. During commercial breaks, that logo disappears.

Sorry, would-be neo-dadaists, it just ain’t so.

UPDATE: Or is it? From the comments: “Explanation from another site: “this clip is from the jimmy kimmel show. he played it a few nights ago and thta’s why you see the abc logo. you can hear jimmy laughing just as the clip ends.”

Also, if it was a clip shown during the newscast they usually wouldn’t show the “Tech Watch” splash before cutting to the anchor.

Also during the “Tech Watch” splash you can clearly see the MSNBC logo.”

Houdini, we’re not.

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