John Dillinger Was a Bank Robber Who Walked Through Walls

Last week, we linked to an excellent interview where Bazooka Joe at Small World Podcast spoke with an individual going by the name of “John Dillinger” who participated in the big ATM PIN block crisis. His involvement was to embed blank cards with the hacked PINS, withdraw the money from ATMs, and send back a percentage to his uplink. John Dillinger commented on the post to make sure we got the story straight:

    “First off I never hacked those pins. And I only guessed that those were hacked I was never told that they were. It just seemed logical as there were hundreds of thousands of those data sets being past out. Not only to me but to many many others all around the USA and In Romania YES they do work in Ro. Dont beleave all what the financial institutions tell you in the press. And ID theft is diffrent than getting your credit card used. Its called credit card fraud. Getting your identity used to ubtain goods and services is way worse then your credit card getting used. there is no such thing as an The ethical hacker! a hacker is a hacker and its still ilegal. Big business like banks make out in the long run wile the consumer eats it in the end.” [sic]

The more you know, the more you grow.

Incidentally, BazookaJoe will be interviewing us today so keep your magic audio devices tuned in to Small World Podcast.

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  1. mrscolex says:

    Let’s get one thing straight– I’m entirely suspect of whether our buddy JD qualifies as a so-called “hacker”. Yes I know people who argue the use of the word are usually pretentious snots but from everything JD has described he has actually had very little to do with the actual retrieval of said PIN numbers, and in the course of his “hacking” used ICQ and a WinRAR. If that qualifies as hacking then my grandma is quite capable of doing the job for him.

    Calling the man a “hacker” is giving him far too much credit as there are obviously smarter people who were involved in actually retrieving the PIN numbers. It would be more appropriate to refer to him as a low-level grunt harvester, a minor piece of the chain that the actual people in Russia would view as completely expendable.

    His argument that he isn’t harming anyone is ridiculous as even if his claim that the banks eat the loss and don’t involve the feds is true. (which I think is a highly suspect claim in and of itself). One has to wonder what kind of people he’s funding over in Russia. Is he helping to perpetuate the Russian mob, for instance?

    Also imagine that money ends up going somewhere even more shady than JD himself. For the sake of conjecture what if JD were to find out that his money were used to help fund a Chechen bombing that killed innocent civilians. JD can’t be that much of a dumb fuck that he actually thinks that his crime is a victimless crime because I assure you that money isn’t going to just sit in the pockets of the people who harvest it but instead trickle down into into the bowels of quite possibly worse crimes.

    So JD, you stupid piece of shit, was it worth your brand new shiny iPod? Your sweet new rims on your BMW? What did you blow your share of the money on?

  2. SecureLocation says:

    I never thought of violating my Visa card. Hmmmmmm….

  3. Mary Marsala With Fries says:

    Totally agree with mrscolex above — this guy’s no hacker; he’s just a criminal. Because he’s obviously a common thug, however, I say he can be forgiven for the “no such thing as an ethical hacker” comment. Obiviously there are ethical ways to break other laws; why on earth should we assume there’s no possible way to break computer security laws and be on the high side, morally speaking? Dumbass.

    I think more than anything it offends me that stupid people are stealing identities. Like, if JD ever posed as me and spelled like that in public, I’d jump off a building.


  4. AcidReign says:

    …..Amen to that, mrscolex! Smart bank robbers always set up stupid fall-guys like JD to take the rap!

  5. ModerateSnark says:

    For some reason, I found the word “ubtain” hilarious.

    …Even though that could be just a typo, while “past,” “Dont,” “beleave,” “diffrent,” “Its,” “ilegal,” and “wile” are all likely spelling mistakes.