For Everything Else in Life, There’s Itemized Expenditures

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A weekend in Brooklyn.

A weekend in Brooklyn.

18 First-Class Stamps…$7.02
Buffalo Wings…$16.50
Bagel, Orange Juice, Coffee…$6.50
Chipped in on Beer…$3.00
Ice Cream Bar…$2.00
Frisbee in the sunny, sunny park…$168.00 in taxes owed to the State of New York, which had to be remitted as we tried to use TurboTax 2004 to file ’05 taxes. Thought we could just scratch out the 4 in the 2004 on the sheets and replace it with a 5.


Also, we then found out that TurboTax actually expects us to fork over $40 each year for a completely new piece of software. They say there’s a lot of changes in the tax code and they do us the pleasure of keeping track of them all. Ridiculous. Instead, we used the (rejected) tax form and just copied over the numbers to the tax forms Albany sent us…priceless.

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