A Fusion of Form and Dysfunction

Jeff at LDOPA.net bought a new bagless Hoover Fusion vacuum and gave it a little test drive.

He found its bagless sucking power vastly superior to other, non Tonka truck looking models, and after its first run, had half a grocery bag of dirty hair

Jeff also noted, facetiously, that men are buying the vacuum while women are using it, a point which he either set out to prove or disprove, it’s uncertain which, by coupling the Hoover Fusion with his other favorite quantum particle metaphor product, the Gilette Fusion.

Why stop there? Why not mate it with a horseless carriage?

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  1. AcidReign says:

    …..The fusion is a great razor, and does produce that buttery-smooth face that the ladies love! But when you are sleepy/impaired, five blades can shear off a monstrous hunk of flesh. Have some extra-big band-aids on hand!

  2. ModerateSnark says:

    Ah, the vacuum cleaner.

    Where “She really sucks!” is a huge endorsement.

    Of course, if you think about it too long, that may start to sound like an endorsement in other contexts, too.

    So don’t think about it too long.

  3. I just got basically the same vaccuum (it was a slightly older factory rehab on the cheap) and I really like it. The only issue I have is that it’s a bit loud when in use, and although it seems to be fixed on this colorful model (mine’s grey), the power switch to turn it on/off on mine is a bit out-of-the-way in its palcement, I had to hunt around for it (its on the side towards the bottom, which also means no easy-foot-operated on/off).

    Other than that, I like it just fine so far.