Vroom-Vroom, Putt-Putt: Edelman Drives the Blogosphere.

Part of our soul yearned to rip into Edelman like a batch of Amy’s Ice Cream. But then, we decided to let it go and rise above, a little fluffy cloud, mainly to avoid playing into their sticky mandibles. Try as we might, we could not avoid posting this gem a reader sent in. Patrick says he sent the Edelman post to a friend of his works there and, “Thought his response would warm your soul.”

“Let’s be honest here…for every PR outreach that fails in the blogosphere, there are probably at least 3 that work. You’d be floored if I showed you some of the sites that are Edelman-driven. Not all bloggers are as shrewd as you think…and when they are, Edelman just buys them (see the Micro Persuasion blog).”

A confederacy of the easily influenced. You go girl, that’s quite the coup.

Of course, in some quarters, reproducing this statement qualifies as positive PR. Ergo, we expect our chocolate cheesecake for life certificates anytime now.

Full disclosure: Shortly after yesterday’s post, an Edelman VP offered to take us out for drinks, so perhaps our wish will come true.

Fuller disclosure: Outside the frame of the above photo is a cliff.

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