Myspace Unwilling to Accept Breakup

Just like us, radnauseum is sick of myspace and wants off the Similac merry-go-round. He’s being trying to cancel for three days now, with no success. Which is odd because we too, after clicking all the right cancellation buttons, never got that email in our inbox to let us remove our profile. He pursued further and emailed asking to please please let him leave. They said sure, but first you have to send us an arts & crafts project, like so:

    Create a hand written sign that says and your friend ID. Your friend ID is the number between ID= and &mytoken in your profile’s URL.

    Get an image, or digital picture of yourself with this hand written sign.

    This is image is a salute. Next, reply to this e-mail with the salute as an e-mail attachment, or as an e-mail link to where it is uploaded.

Which seems really bizarre, unnecessary, and bad customer service, almost like Tom’s fixation with Asian schoolgirls.

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UPDATE: The complaint letter radnauseum wrote Tom and Myspace customer service, after the jump…

Rad wrote:

    “Dear Tom or Rupert or whoever:

    Are you insane? I’m supposed to do arts and crafts, take a picture, upload it to a website, email you the picture and go through a lengthy URL to find my acct. number just to cancel my account?

    Why can’t I just go through the usual “click to confirm” program that most normal websites have. This is just one more reason why myspace sucks.

    I really do think you are insane. Imagine if suggested this for closing an account with them? Imagine any reputable website asking their users to take a picture of themselves to cancel an account? Even better! Imagine trying to return a book at Barnes and Noble and getting your picture taken with the book and piece of paper where you have hand written why you don’t want the book? The possibilities are endless. I just don’t have the time or patience to go through them all right now. Please be sure though that I will try to make this insane system you have as public as possible.

    You are insane.


    Robin Adams
    user number: 42067501 (if that’s even correct… in my profile page some of the stuff I am looking for in the URL isn’t even there, nutjob.)”


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  1. And I thought cancelling AOL and Vonage were a pain. (I occassionally do both at the same time for my freelance support customers).

    We don’t they just say outright on the profile “Fuck Tom, Fuck Myspace, and Fuck You, Time-Warner!”
    That’ll get it wiped pretty fast, you’d think.

  2. cyberobin says:

    Let’s see if that works! This is getting fun!

  3. Johnny says:

    Wow, that is bizarre. What sort of out-of-control corporate ego at work here? Myspace thinks it would be such a terrible trauma for radnauseum if his profile were to be wrongly canceled, so they take extraordinary measures to ensure he really wants out. They’re predisposed to believe that nobody could ever, in their heart of hearts, want to wash their hands of Myspace.

  4. Ran Kailie says:

    Amusing, thats the same thing they require you to do if someone has stolen your picture and posted it on their profile. You have to provide a salute with a hand written sign.

  5. DeeJayQueue says:

    It’s because MySpace is occupied with a bunch of vindictive little 14 year old bastards. They’re like “I’ll show him not to diss Fall Out Boy, I’ll log into myspace and delete his profile.” I guess it stops people from doing that, but the same kids who know how to get someone’s password and info are the ones who can photoshop a salute.

  6. billhelm says:

    hey yourtechsupport and cyberrobin, myspace is owed by News Corp, not time warner…

  7. Rick Dobbs says:

    I’ve been waiting for the e-mail for a few days now as well. Talk about annoying…

  8. cyberobin says:

    Thanks billhelm. I didn’t think TW had anything to do with it… I just copied and pasted right into my profile.

    And, just an update… they still haven’t deleted my account or responded!

  9. Rustybret says:

    Why not just manipulate the display of the page to hide the banner ad? I hear that’ll get your profile deleted in about 30 minutes flat.

  10. mrscolex says:

    I so dare somebody to use this:

    Iraqi Sign Generator

  11. matto says:

    What’s wrong with asian schoolgirls, anyway?

  12. ModerateSnark says:

    News Corp. = Rupert Murdoch = Fox News.

    So I’d say you should quit complaining, because this is obviously a fair and balanced procedure for cancelling your myspace account.

  13. Existenz says:

    I am pretty sure Myspace deletes your profile right away if you start posting nudity. Just find some porn and make it your photo.

  14. Ben Popken says:

    Awesome. I’m replacing my photo with porn, stat.

  15. Whoops. My Bad. I knew it was some large faceless company.

  16. radnauseum says:

    Just an update… I tried contacting “Tom” via his page. Documented here:

  17. OkiMike says:

    I think posting porn would just get your account suspended, which would bury it even deeper in the corporate shitpile.

    What’s wrong with Asian schoolgirls? I’m engaged to one!

  18. Transuranic says:

    Thank GOD I never signed up for myspace. Friendster was saturated by 2004 anyway. [/hipster]

  19. SeekBalance says:


    That appears to have worked.

  20. RobotsonCasiotones says:

    Ehm…why don’t you just remove all the content from ” your space” and stop logging on? It’s not like you’re trying to cancel an account you’re paying for and going to myspace isn’t exactly an involuntary action.

  21. DCB says:

    I canceled myspace about two months ago with no problem. The email came right away.

    But i read people are leaving myspace for the nextest bestest thing. Looks like myspace is pulling an AOL and trying to stop the bleeding.