Debit Card Hacker Interviewed

Small World’s Bazooka Joe interviews “John Dillinger,” a debit card hacker who participated in the infamous “Russian Connection” ATM hack scandal. He discusses how he and others hacked millions of debit card accounts and why the story never makes the mainstream news.

“Initially the cardholder is the victim, but after the bank pays the customer back, the bank is the victim and if the bank doesn’t report it, there’s no case built against them,” he says.

Listen to the interview here. Spotted at BoingBoing.

Gotta love the hacker’s hollow rationalizations. However, he proves two of the things we’ve contended: 1) always run your debit card as credit and 2) forcible debit card reissues are sure signs your bank’s center has been hacked.

This is pretty amazing… and the real culprit is the banks for not reporting it. Hackers just take advantage of the weaknesses, namely, consumer ignorance. UPDATE: We are, of course, referring to the consumer ignorance perpetuated by the banks hiding all of this from us.

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