Debit Card Hacker Interviewed

Small World’s Bazooka Joe interviews “John Dillinger,” a debit card hacker who participated in the infamous “Russian Connection” ATM hack scandal. He discusses how he and others hacked millions of debit card accounts and why the story never makes the mainstream news.

“Initially the cardholder is the victim, but after the bank pays the customer back, the bank is the victim and if the bank doesn’t report it, there’s no case built against them,” he says.

Listen to the interview here. Spotted at BoingBoing.

Gotta love the hacker’s hollow rationalizations. However, he proves two of the things we’ve contended: 1) always run your debit card as credit and 2) forcible debit card reissues are sure signs your bank’s center has been hacked.

This is pretty amazing… and the real culprit is the banks for not reporting it. Hackers just take advantage of the weaknesses, namely, consumer ignorance. UPDATE: We are, of course, referring to the consumer ignorance perpetuated by the banks hiding all of this from us.

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  1. Chad Cloman says:

    “Initially the cardholder is the victim”.

  2. matto says:

    Cmon, really, the weakness is incompetence, laziness and corner-cutting in financial institutions and large retailers, not the consumer. We may be wearing a short skirt (all that our banks/retailers give us) but we’re still not asking to be raped.

  3. OkiMike says:

    “…Hackers just take advantage of the weaknesses…”

  4. Ben Popken says:

    Ok, we see now, didn’t complete the thought, which is that the consumer ignorance comes to a great degree from the banks hiding this information, these breaches and from the media not reporting it. If more consumers were aware, they would apply pressure to the banking system and effect change.

    The banks capitalize on the consumer ignorance that they sow.

  5. thrillhouse says:

    matto is right – partially. Banks stopped reporting this crap beacuse it only causes bad PR and unfortunately not legal action. Police don’t go after identity thieves as they are too busy with “real crimes”. Its essentially a bank robbery, but no action. Were it essentially a doughnut store robbery, then maybe.

    fortunately for the consumer, a Visa debit card – for example – has the same zero liability policy for ID theft as Visa CCs do. With their masses of cash, you’d think the major banks and credit issuers would have a stronger lobby on this issue.

  6. Papercutninja says:

    Uhm. So what? This Russian hacker is a fucking hero? Fuck him. I hope he dies in a car crash on the way to prison.

  7. OkiMike says:

    The ethical hacker’s code states that if you’re going to do a hack to bust someone’s ass because they are willfully ignoring a problem, then you take your results to the press.


  8. Ben Popken says:

    Carbunkle writes:

    “If the banks are the only victims, because they return the money to your bank account, who is it that pays all the late and bounced check fees when your automatic debits or legitimate checks aren’t paid out in the meantime? I suppose to a malicious hacker pretending to be someone else it doesn’t matter if their credit record is ruined, or their mortgage payment gets bounced, they can just steal another identity. This robin hood routine is just another lame excuse, these guys are “exposing” a problem that they are creating. I don’t go into the local bank branch and try to hold them up just to test their security… “

  9. JD says:

    First off I never hacked those pins. And I only guessed that those were hacked I was never told that they were. It just seemed logical as there were hundreds of thousands of those data sets being past out. Not only to me but to many many others all around the USA and In Romania YES they do work in Ro. Dont beleave all what the financial institutions tell you in the press. And ID theft is diffrent than getting your credit card used. Its called credit card fraud. Getting your identity used to ubtain goods and services is way worse then your credit card getting used. there is no such thing as an The ethical hacker! a hacker is a hacker and its still ilegal. Big business like banks make out in the long run wile the consumer eats it in the end.