The $17,000 Pacifier

Kissing cousin blog Gizmodo (seriously, there was that time behind the old tool shed…) points us to the latest in conspicuous consumption, the $17,000 Solid White Gold encrusted with 278 Diamonds pacifier.

You know the old saying, if they can crawl they’re old enough to bend over and max out their American Express card.

The prosthetic nipples are available from, and marks an unusual upswing from their usual line of personalized pacifiers, which can be had for $7 and are available in four different types of synthetic polymer, none of which are laden with precious jewels. This leads this jaded observer to opine the diamond binky is nothing more than an internet joke designed to draw traffic and media attention. So here it is, you baby capitalists.

Diamond binkies are forever. Isn’t your baby worth it? If not, consider trading it on the black market for one of these suckers.