Thunder Before The Storm? Another Citibank Account ‘Compromised’

Buckle yourselves in, boys and girls. Is this email we just received from Kate H. the first rumbling of another massive slate of Citibank security breaches?

This morning, I got a VM from CitiCard asking me to call in regarding a security problem with my card. Not trusting a random VM, I went to the Citi website and called the number for reporting fraud. Turns out the VM was legit. My card has been “compromised” – employees can’t tell me why, of course – and I’m getting a new card and new account. They are over-nighting the new card to me. Was told by customer service rep that she had dealt with “several” calls like mine today.

There is no fraudulent activity on my account.

Why won’t Citi tell us where the breach occurred? If certain retailers repeatedly cause these breaches, I’d like to know so I can avoid using my card there in the future. If Citi causes them – I’d like to know that too.

We don’t want to jump the gun here: this could just as easily be a merchant whose computer was stolen. Still, we get twitchy when the words “Citibank” and “compromised” are put in the same sentence. If this is another massive security breach, we want to be in on the ground floor.

Any other Citibank customers who have had their cards compromised? Mail us.

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