Morning Deals

Prada Nylon Handbag for $69.89. Multiple colors and rectangles available.

• Why do biclopses have more fun? Kodak
EasyShare V570 Dual Lens Digital Camera $299 with Coupon at Dell Home

• More office supplies means more procrastination objects to play with. Staples has their 1 day Friday Sale Online Only sale. Free shipping $50+.

Highlights from Dealhack

SanDisk 1GB Compact Flash Card for $28 at

Cuisinart GR-4 Griddler Electric Grill only $101

Mountain and Road Bikes up to 20% or More off at Performance Bike


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  1. Transuranic says:

    Is there anyone on this site who comes here for the deals on Prada handbags? Where’s my “here’s this cool shit we found on the Amazon Friday Sale”? Woot even had a “bag o’ crap” sale this morning. Sold out already, but still. Cmon guys, get back on your game…

  2. Ben Popken says:

    You gotta have something nice to carry all those flash cards in.

  3. misskaz says:

    Except that bag looks like ass. I could find something cuter at Target for 1/4 the price. Yes, I lust after (and occasionally buy) expensive purses and shoes and things, but for this one you’re paying for the label and nothing more.

  4. trixare4kids says:

    $69 for a nylon bag? Ew. I won’t buy “shit” just because it has a snooty label.